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HPSS Intermodal?

Providing timely, accurate, low cost product and transport transparency.

How HPSS Imode Works...

HPSS Intermodal instantly delivers all the on board product information for your market, clearly illustrating strategic points necessary for fresh delivery.

HPSS is the simple solution for New York barge and fresh produce distribution.

Fresh produce and seafood distribution bottlnecks removed with HPSS Intermodal. Improved waterfront. Reducing carbon emmissions diverting traffic from Bruckner Expressway. Reduce parking adding more water access to the community. Communicate with intermodal teams at sea, in trucks, or on rail. HPSS combines new jobs with no union labor wages, and more efficient sea transport!

Shipping regulation, and restrictions easily explained

Port docking and registration procedures.

HPSS Imode efficiently communicates geospacial relationships for seaport customers.

Maxium bulk shipments, manifest accuracy

Instantly view the total cargo, container number of units, number of containers, number of buyers, and more. HPSS Imode delivers comparable marketplace analysis accurately and fast for the discreet shipping distribution decision making process.

The HPSS Imode team is currently structuring its databases of shipping and transport market trends and Port Authority standards in order to deliver relative analytical and comparable cost analysis.

Who is HPSS Imode for?

HPSS Imode saves time and money for perisble goods barge transport, fresh produce, fish markets, environmental experts, and more.

"Everyone knows the New York City fresh produce disribution lacks transparency; an application to demystify transactional and logistics of fresh food is not just welcomed, it's essential!"

— Bethann Rooney
Assistant Director, Port Authority of NY and NJ

HPSS...a Bronx Home Run...

with speed and accuracy.

HPSS Imode is brought to you by nationally recognized port officials, shipyard experts, marine engineers, architects, and computer scientists.

HPSS Imode is free. No hassles.